Best deck boxes tested and reviewed in 2020. Extra storage on your deck.

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Deck boxes are seen on almost all patios. The innovation of creating a storage space that also serves as a seating space aims to solve the two problems of storing patio furnishings during bad weather and creating a seat for guests. Manufacturers now have found a way to address these issues by making a stylish deck box out of plastic resin or HDPE.

Furnishing a deck is not cheap. If a deck box was constructed with all-wood material, the cost of building it would be expensive. Wood boxes also pose the problem of termites and weather vulnerability. This is why many furniture makers are designing deck boxes that also serve as benches that mimic wicker and wood.

A deck box has a stylish look that compliments patio furniture, as well as functioning as a storage area that is weather resistant. The deck box, therefore, has a longer lifespan and costs less than wooden deck boxes. Let’s dive in and see how to choose the best deck boxes for your deck.

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What makes a good deck box?

A deck box should be durable and sturdy. A good deck box should be made with a high composition of plastic and resin. Polyurethane is also used to make the plastic structure stable and resistant to heat and rain. HDPE is a good compound that makes structures firm and long lasting.

The plastic material of the deck box will make sure that the box is sturdy and hold well even if the box is fully loaded, and the box will not crack if two or three adults sit on it. Termites will not be able to chew through plastic, unlike wood.

The box should be sealed shut because the box is mostly going to be used outdoors; the contents should not be drenched when it rains. A good and secure lid will make sure that items such as pillows, blankets, and rugs will not be eaten away by bugs and critters.

Children and pets should not be able to open the lid for safety purposes. There are boxes that can be padlocked to make sure that the box is secured. For entertaining guests, the deck box can be used as a table for placing food and beverages, and the closed lid will keep items from falling off the top.

Aside from security and weather resistance, a deck box should be stylish and compliment other fixtures on the deck. A comfortable and relaxing experience on the deck will be assured by good and furnishings.

Many deck boxes have designs that imitate wicker or wood, the two most common materials used in making deck furnishings. Having a deck box that looks classy and modern makes entertaining more enjoyable. The deck box should provide seating space for others and for them to have a more pleasurable time.

Decorating a patio and the role of the deck box

How is a patio arranged? When decorating a patio, the homeowner should bear in mind that the end result should always be to create a space that is comfortable and cozy. The deck is an extension of the house that allows family and friends to enjoy the outdoors and use the area to relax or socialize.

The homeowner should also take into account that the furnishings should be able to withstand outdoor weather conditions.  There are furnishings which are weather resistant and can be left outside. Other accessories like lamps, pillows, and rugs should be stored away on days with bad weather. This is why a deck box is good to have and will not be a cause for worry.

One way of making the deck comfortable is by adding potted plants and ferns. The addition of plants makes the deck warm and gives a feeling of being out in nature; the addition of greenery will make guests and family more relaxed. Tall ferns will also function as a wall and adds privacy for the people on the deck.

Having a wooden lattice on one side will also serve as an artificial wall and vines can climb it. Later, the lattice will be a green wall full of fragrant flowers and leaves. Gardening supplies and tools can be put in the deck box to help maintain the greenery.

Adding bright and comfortable pillows that add a splash of color to otherwise dull and earthy furnishings should be done to create a lively deck. Accessories that are bright make the look of the deck fun and pop with color.

Make sure that only two color schemes are used a adding too much color will disrupt the harmony of the deck. A deck box is a good storage tool to keep pillows dry and safe during rainy and windy weather.

To further add to the color of the deck, wall art is a good way to increase the life of the deck. This needs not be expensive; colorful printed shawls are cheap and can be hung on the wall.

Hanging plants and potted orchids give life to the wall as well.  Other smart accessories that will help with entertaining would be a fire bowl or scented candles that can be a great accessory at night.

Wrapping Up

A comfortable and well-furnished deck will only be successful if guests and family members are at ease when using it. This will only be done if the furnishings are carefully selected and the price matches the quality of the furnishings. In particular, a deck box should be able to provide an efficient storage space to protect furnishings from being damaged or destroyed.

A deck box should serve multiple purposes such as serving as a coffee table or a bench. A flat lid can even serve as a buffet table if outdoor dining is to be done. The plastic and stable composition of a deck box will provide more value for your money if it is used in other ways aside from being a storage tool.

Top 5 Deck Boxes

Based on expert reviews and consumer comments, below are the 5 best deck boxes. They were rated based on performance and quality, as well as the ability to be used in many ways. These boxes were assessed based on their ability to withstand outdoor and indoor conditions, which brings the best value.

1. Suncast Resin Wicker Storage Seat

This is a storage seat that is very functional and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The design of the product is modern and has a style similar to wicker furniture. The storage capacity is 22 gallons.The seat is 22.5” tall and can be also used as a stool. Guests can sit on the product and it will remain stable.

Suncast 22-Gallon Small Deck Box - Lightweight Resin Indoor/Outdoor Storage Container and Seat for Patio Cushions, Gardening Tools and Toys - Store Items on Patio, Garage, Yard - Mocha Wicker Check Price on Amazon

The product is weather resistant and will not rust or corrode when wet. The storage seat can stay outdoors and will not melt or crack in intense heat. Additional storage space on the deck is provided for pillows and barbecue tools.

The plastic composition of the product is well-made. The product will sealed shut and will the items in storage will not get wet. It is easy to install and does not have to be moved indoors when weather conditions turn bad; there will be no need to rush out to the patio to move the box inside at the last minute, and the seat will retain its form during the summer.

Sitting on the box is comfortable as it is, and cushions are not needed. The product looks modern and will compliment fixtures inside the house or on the deck.

However, the product does not have a bottom and the top does not securely close the box. This flaw makes the product unreliable in heavy rain. The product will work well only when the rains are moderate. Otherwise, the product has to be taken inside.


  • Wicker pattern on the exterior
  • Has double walling
  • Resistant to rust
  • Made of molded plastic
  • Provides seating and storage space
  • Good for indoor and outdoor use
  • Has a contemporary look
  • Durable in any kind of weather
  • 22-gallon storage capacity
  • Has inner dimension of 15”x 15” x 20”
  • 100% American product


  • Lid does not close shut
  • Deformed screws
  • Latch at the top cover breaks easily
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2. Lifetime Extra Large Box

This is a very large box that can accommodate 130 gallons and is 57” long. The product is made of HDPE and is very stable and durable. The box is 23.7” high and 2 to 3 adults can sit on it. The material of the box will not crack if subjected to extreme pressure and will remain intact during the summer or winter seasons.

Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box, 130 Gallon, Desert Sand/Brown Check Price on Amazon

The product is easy to assemble and has a durable hinge that is weather resistant as well. The lid closes well and can be secured with a padlock. The coating on the plastic has UV protection that keeps the color resistant to fading. The surface will not crack or peel.

The product has a warranty for 10 years. The items in storage are protected against rain, heat, and small insects. The secure top will be hard to open and small children cannot access it. Guests will have extra seating when lounging on the patio in comfort.  The structure of the box is stable and will not wobble.

The downside of this product is that the hinges are not made of stainless steel, and they will rust in wet and humid weather. The warranty does not cover parts that deteriorate due to rusting, and after years of use, the hinge will break apart.


  • Structure is made of HDPE
  • Lid does not snap shut
  • Hinges are water resistant
  • Lid is sealed shut and has a spring hinge
  • Interior length is 57” and height is 23.75”
  • Storage capacity is 130 gallons
  • Panels and lid are UV protected
  • Has smooth surface and color will not fade
  • Durable and will not crack or break
  • Can be used as a bench for 2 to 3 people
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has 10-year limited warranty
  • Has a modern look
  • Great for using outdoors


  • Hinges are not made of stainless steel
  • Lid will not close shut unless secured with a padlock
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3. Suncast Elements Outdoor Wide Cabinet

This is a dependable outdoor cabinet that has a large storage capacity. The cabinet is 35” tall and has a detachable shelf that can be used to maximize space. The cabinet will compliment patio furnishings because it has a wicker-designed exterior and a double wall inside.

Suncast Elements Outdoor Wide Cabinet - 40 Check Price on Amazon

The product is great for storing garden supplies, patio furnishings, and linen. The cabinet is water resistant and will keep its contents dry. The plastic structure is sound and will not fall or become imbalanced.

The deck box is safe to use and can serve as a buffet table when dining outdoors. The cabinet will not rust and does not have metal components.

The product is 50 pounds and will remain stable on windy days. However, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight exposure because the top will deform; the plastic cannot endure intense heat and should be placed in a shaded area.


  • Intended for shaded outdoor use
  • Has a width of 40”
  • Has a modern wicker look that compliments patio furniture
  • Good for patio, balcony or decks
  • Made of quality resin
  • Has double-walled interior
  • Capacity is 97 gallons
  • Weight is 50 pounds
  • Does not have metal components
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Keeps contents secure and dry


  • Cannot be exposed directly to the sun
  • Doors have a tendency to snap open
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4. Suncast Wicker Resin Deck Box

This is another outdoor storage box made by Suncast that keeps patio accessories safe and dry. This is a wicker-style box that has a capacity of 99 gallons. The length of the box is 50” and 25.5” high. The storage space is large and is protected against rain and insects.

Suncast 99-Gallon Large Deck Box - Lightweight Resin Indoor/Outdoor Storage Container and Seat for Patio Cushions and Gardening Tools - Store Items on Patio, Garage, Yard - Mocha Check Price on Amazon

The hinges are made of plastic and there is no material that can rust. The product is stable even in unstable weather and will not break or collapse. The latch is sturdy and the top secures in place. The wicker exterior is modern and can complement other deck furniture.

The box will be safe if left outdoors, even during the winter. The lid of the box is dome-shaped and allows water to slide off the top easily. Assembly is simple and can be completed in 10 minutes. Drilling and refitting are not necessary.

The product does not have a space to put a padlock to keep it securely closed. The manual is hard to understand, and less experienced users will have a hard time with the assembly.


  • Made of good quality plastic
  • Has a load capacity of 99 gallons
  • Has width of 50”
  • Height is 25.5”
  • Product weight is 32.1 pounds
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a modern design and fits in most decks
  • Comes in mocha brown color
  • Has handles for easy transportation
  • Keeps contents dry and intact
  • Lid is secure and keeps insects away


  • Product is hard to assemble for the mechanically challenged
  • Cannot be padlocked
  • Lid is dome-shaped and cannot be used as a bench
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5. Keter Westwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box

This is a product that is great for storing accessories and materials during the winter. The storage capacity is large at 150 gallons and has a length of 61”;the height of the product is 25.4” inches. The product is both a storage space and a bench, and can accommodate 2 sitting adults.

Keter Westwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture 150 Gal, Brown Check Price Amazon

The structure is sound and will hold even if it’s fully loaded and used as a seat at the same time. The product is resistant to rain and rust. Insects and dust will not be able to enter the box, which will keep contents well-preserved and clean.

However, the flooring of the box is thin and will sink if the objects stored inside are too heavy; the lower deck of the product will sag if the weight capacity is exceeded.


  • Has stylish and modern wooden appearance
  • Made of quality UV protected resin
  • Heavy duty in all types of weather
  • Has length of 61”
  • Height of product is 25.4”
  • Can store as much as 150 gallons of items
  • Exterior is imitation wood panel
  • Lid is flat and securely closes
  • Can be secured with a padlock
  • Easy to assemble
  • Keeps contents dry and intact


  • Bottom layer is thin and cannot hold heavy items
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I hope you liked our article and buying guides about the best deck boxes reviews on the market today.

When buying a good deck box, keep in mind that the product is a storage tool and a deck furnishing; the deck box should be able to fulfill both purposes. The product must be waterproof and capable of handling outdoor conditions.

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