How to Build a Deck Box

Knowing how to build a deck box is useful, but this isn’t the easiest project in the world. It’s listed as being an advanced skill in some manuals. However, this is something that you can generally try when you have a little bit more experience with woodworking and building in general. However, ambitious and talented people are encouraged to try anything.

On the plus side, it shouldn’t cost too much to build a good deck box, and it will likely only take a weekend or so to build it once you have the required materials, so don’t worry about having to set aside a lot of time in order to finish a project like this. This is something that skilled hobbyists will be able to do in their spare time, unlike a good portion of other projects today.

Required tools

One of the reasons why a deck box is considered something of an advanced woodworking project is that it takes a lot of materials to assemble it in the first place. Those who don’t have a lot of tools around the house are going to have a hard time getting the deck box together. It can still be possible, of course.

However, it’s not a good idea to go out and buy a lot of new tools just for the sake of building a deck box; look to relatives, friends, or neighbors who might have these tools if you’re serious about completing this project

You will need a table saw, pocket-hole jig, miter saw, clamps, drill with bit set, circle compass, 20-grit, and 180-grit sandpaper, putty knife, tape measure, square, pocket-hole jig, wood glue, and wood putty designed for exterior use, pneumatic nailer, and a hammer.

You will also need protection for your eyes and ears, in addition to respiratory protection. You’ll need a number of cedar or pressure-treated boards in order to properly construct the deck box.

Some of the steps for building something like this will require additional steps which means that you will need preliminary or intermediate skills to get further with the project of building a deck box.

However, these are skills that you can learn. Thanks to the internet, there are websites and video channels you can search to find lessons on how to tackle specific aspects of the project.

Sanding is one of the most important skills here when it comes to the actual quality of the project, as is the skill of cutting and fitting everything together. See how you can customize your deck box after it’s done.

Building a deck box

  • First, start by building the frame. This involves cutting the end stiles and rails, the front stiles and rails, and drilling pocket holes. From there, the frame should be ready, provided that everything is stable enough.
  • Once the frames are fully constructed, it’s time to add the legs.
  • From there, the slats and the cladding need to be fully attached.
  • The ledges then need to be fastened to the box.
  • The lid cleats and the lids then need to be attached.
  • The deck box usually will need to be stained in to add color at this point, but this is technically an optional step. You might also want to consider adding waterproofing if this deck box will be exposed to the elements.