Customize Your Own Deck Box

Customizing not only personal items but also household furniture has become a trend these days. More and more people prefer creating things on their own, which is made easier by the many how-to videos posted online. Customizing works in two ways—it gives a personal touch to the output and it brings about full customer satisfaction.

If you are fond of organizing things or you just need a storage container for accessories and items that will be used for outdoor areas such as the lanai, patio, poolside, or deck, you can design your own deck box.

Sometimes, despite the many available deck boxes being offered on the market, it may be that the one you want, with the features you need, can’t be found. When this happens, it is better and cheaper to design your own deck box than having it made custom-made by a professional.

There are a lot of how-to videos online that are instructive on how to make DIY deck boxes. If you are the type who wants to do things from scratch, or has a knack for woodworking, making your own deck box is a feasible and, most of the time, satisfying option. So here is an article that will teach you the basics of how to go about such a DIY project.

Start with the deck box

Before customizing the deck box, start by making the box from the scratch. Out of one plywood sheet, you can make a complete deck box. To cut off the pieces, use a table saw or a skill saw and ask for the assistance of another person to help in the accurate cutting of the panels.

When the panels are ready, cut, and laid out, proceed to the assembling process. To give the deck box a water-resistant feature, a marine adhesive sealant can be used on the panels. Attach each side of the panel where the sealant was applied and secure it with nails.

After assembling the box, caulk all the seams of the box—both the inside and the outside portions—with the same marine adhesive sealant. The adhesive sealant works in making the deck box more tolerant of the different weather elements that can cause damage to the furniture, such as rain.

Design your own deck box

Once you have the deck box constructed, the next step is to design your own deck box by putting on the details according to your own preference. To add style to the otherwise simple deck box, use a trim board to outline both sides of the deck box.

Maximize the trim board to decorate the deck box; you can space out the trim board. With PVC quarter round molding, glue, and finish the edges of the lid to give the deck box a curved edge and additional style. You can paint the edges a different color, other the regular white, to avoid being monotonous.

The next step would be priming. It is important to coat all sides of the deck box, including the interior and the bottom of the box, with a quality brand of primer. After the primer, choose latex paint, with a color of your preference, and apply at least two coatings to the deck box. You can start with white paint; then follow through with the desired base paint color.

If you are the artistic type, you can design patterns or paint something on the deck box to make the storage furniture more interesting or to make it blend with the outdoor setting.

Then it is time to screw in the casters on 4 sides of the deck box’s bottom as well as attaching the galvanized hinges to the lid and the upper portion of the deck box. When both of these steps are completed, you can add the finishing touches to the deck box to allow full customizing of the deck box.

One good thing about this deck box is that aside from being just a deck box, it can also be used as a serving table or a seat for the patio, lanai, or deck. It makes the deck box versatile and multi-purpose, depending on your needs.