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Below you can find very useful tips and guides for your deck boxes.

House Deck and Box Steps

If there is still a huge area left on your property and you wish to extend the house but have a limited budget to work with, building a deck is a less expensive option of extending the house compared to other available extensions. And where there is a deck, there are also usually deck steps […]


Customize Your Own Deck Box

Customizing not only personal items but also household furniture has become a trend these days. More and more people prefer creating things on their own, which is made easier by the many how-to videos posted online. Customizing works in two ways—it gives a personal touch to the output and it brings about full customer satisfaction. […]


How to Waterproof a Wooden Box

Wooden boxes have a wide range of uses; they can be used for storage purposes especially if you have old belongings that you don’t want to throw away. They can also be used to plant a wide range of flowers and other exotic plants. The reason wooden boxes are used as a planter’s box is […]


How to Build a Deck Box

Knowing how to build a deck box is useful, but this isn’t the easiest project in the world. It’s listed as being an advanced skill in some manuals. However, this is something that you can generally try when you have a little bit more experience with woodworking and building in general. However, ambitious and talented […]


Types of Deck Boxes and Their Uses

Deck boxes are important storage containers these days for a patio, lanai, or deck. They are good storage fixtures to make de-cluttering and organizing in outdoor areas easy and stress-free. With the current increase in the need for deck boxes, a lot of storage deck boxes have been created in different shapes, styles and types—like […]


Great Deck Bench Ideas

Having a patio or a deck at your house is a great place to lounge around or entertain guests. The patio, when comfortable and stylish furnishings are added, will allow you to enjoy a warm summer or spring day. However, making a comfortable patio comes with the problem of storing furnishings when the rains come. […]