Deck Boxes Explained: What is a Good Deck Box Plan?

A good-looking deck would not be complete unless it is fitted with deck boxes. These deck boxes are built to fulfill two major purposes; they should serve as a storage area and provide seating for guests. Deck boxes are usually made of wood and are placed at the side of the deck to create a comfortable seating area and easy-to-access storage facility.

You can easily find plans to make your own deck box, according to the size and specifications you choose. You can also select the type of wood you want to use, perhaps to complement furnishings or the wood used in deck railings.

Making your own deck box will also give you control over sealants and any trim you want to add. If you are the DIY type, this is an easy-to-tackle project; however, if you are otherwise challenged, there are numerous deck boxes you can buy and then customize if you wish.

These products are made of plastic and work well in any type of weather. They are built to keep furnishings and other household items safe and dry throughout the year.

How to put life into a deck

A deck is an extension of the house and is a great place to enjoy a warm summer day or a chilly spring night. There are many ways to make a comfortable as well as an entertaining area for guests and family members.

One way of putting life in the deck is by adding greenery; this will be achieved by adding potted plants, ferns, and flowers to the deck’s surroundings. The plants will also act as a barrier and create privacy for the people using the deck. The plants can add an atmosphere of warmth and coziness, as well as providing additional shade from the sun.

To bring more greenery to the patio, a wooden lattice will be useful and placed on one of the sides. This can serve as a wall and add to the patio’s privacy. Vines and crawling plants would be nice to add at the foot of the lattice, which will later create a wall full of flowers and leaves.

Deck furnishings should add color to the deck. It is best to stick with only one or two colors to make the patio relaxing to the eye and have a more subdued appearance. Deck boxes and benches are usually colored in hues of black and brown; an accent of blue or red will add brightness and remove the dullness of the earth colors.

Other deck box ideas for the patio

A deck box is a good way to add life to an otherwise plain-looking deck. Manufacturers have made sure that the product, although made of plastic, has a modern look. Most deck boxes have exteriors that mimic the look of wicker or wooden furniture.

Plastic furnishings need not look tacky and cheap. Since the deck box looks like a wicker box, the product will accent already-existing wicker furniture. The same will apply to wooden-like deck boxes with real wooden furniture.

A deck box that looks classy and modern, but is made of plastic, is best when used as a piece of outdoor furniture because the deck box adds accents to the patio while being durable enough to withstand any weather condition. Best of all, these deck boxes keep belongings dry and insect-free.

A deck box that is made of plastic is great especially if the deck is near a pool or surrounded by fountains. The splashing of water will not be an issue as it will not make the product corrode or rust. Water also dries off quickly on a plastic surface.


The function of an outdoor deck is to add comfort and enjoyment to the household. The furnishings of the deck or patio will make a difference in creating a good experience while resting after a long day or spending quality time with family and friends.

Furnishings that are both attractive and duly functional will help keep your deck or patio tidy and store items that aren’t or might be needed for use; certain designs are conducive to providing additional seating areas for guests if needed.