Great Deck Bench Ideas

Having a patio or a deck at your house is a great place to lounge around or entertain guests. The patio, when comfortable and stylish furnishings are added, will allow you to enjoy a warm summer or spring day. However, making a comfortable patio comes with the problem of storing furnishings when the rains come.

Another problem is how to make sure that the furnishings stay intact despite changing weather conditions.

Many furniture manufacturers seek to address the problems of outdoor furnishings by coming up with designs that serve as benches or seats as well as storage space. These are called deck boxes and they also can comfortably seat one or more individuals.

For those with a deck but who cannot afford to build a deck bench, the deck box is a highly economical and practical solution to storing deck accessories such as pillows, blankets, and mats.

The deck box is usually made of plastic and can be used to contain a large number of items. These deck boxes are exceptionally handy and durable, which can carry the weight of seated adults. This function not only saves in storage space but is a good tool for entertaining.

Qualities of a good deck bench

Since the deck box is usually placed outdoors, you should be aware of the quality of the box. Make sure that the box will last for a long time. Aside from longevity, the box should be weather resistant and be able to keep the items safe while in storage. It should also be stylish and not make the patio look tacky or untidy.

A quality deck box should be made of high-quality plastic. Manufacturers have developed deck boxes that are made of plastic and resin materials because they are resistant to rain and heat; the box should be able to withstand rain and not corrode when wet. Since the box will be used to store material, it should also not attract termites and small insects, which wooden boxes tend to do.

You should not be worried if the box stays outdoors, even during the winter months. Hauling a deck box back and forth is inconvenient and will eventually damage the flooring of the box.

Double-walled boxes are the best type of deck benches. This kind of wall will make sure that the interior of the box will not be penetrated by water or insects. The lid must be secure and remain shut at all times. Plastic boxes have a tendency to deform when put under direct sunlight, so the box should be placed in a shaded area.

The deck box should also be able to serve as a bench or center table; this will make the item more economical and the purchase more practical. A deck box should be able to serve as extra seating for guests; it would not be a practical choice if the box was not sturdy enough to be sat on.

Metal hinges are a plus. However, these metal hinges should be rust-resistant and function even after they get wet. The best metal hinges are built with stainless steel.

Some deck boxes do not have metal components at all to ensure that parts will not rust or corrode. Poorly made hinges have a tendency to break once the corrosion sets in, which will make the box unusable.

Decorating the patio

To make the patio more enjoyable, it will be best to keep the layout of the patio comfortable and clutter-free. A patio is designed as an extension of the house to give homeowners and guests a good and comfortable experience while outdoors.

This is why the patio should be made into a place of comfort. This can be done by adding pillows, cushions, and soft sofa spreads that will encourage guests to put their feet up and relax.

Using the deck box as a storage space for liquor, glasses, and chips will add to the fun of staying on the deck. This will add to the convenience of entertaining and make the patio a fully functional area. For decks that are placed near a pool, the deck box would be a great place to store towels.