Rubbermaid Deck Box Review

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Do you need additional storage space for a deck or patio? Big on organizing things and spare accessories? In search of a storage unit that can offer another function aside from providing a storage space? Then you should look into getting a sturdy deck box that can work as a storage unit as well as a patio bench. Both of these can be provided by the Rubbermaid Deck Box.

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  • 16 cu. ft. storage capacity
  • Sturdy double-walled construction
  • No need for maintenance
  • Dent resistant
  • Leak-resistant
  • Weather, moisture, and rot-resistant
  • Easy access lid
  • The flat and strong top surface can be used as a seat (3 adults)
  • Can be locked
  • Resin material
  • Color: Sandstone
  • Inner dimensions: 4’9″ (W) x 1’9″ (D) x 1’11” (H)
  • Outer dimensions: 5′ (L) x 2’2″ (W) x 2’4″ (H)


There are several advantages to having a Rubbermaid Deck Box, but the best thing about owning one is its multi-purpose features. The deck box can function not just as a deck box, it can also be used as a patio bench or serving table at the same time.

Not only will you save money in not having to buy an additional outdoor bench or serving table, but you will also save floor space for as it acts as a storage unit on top of being a bench or a table. As a bench, this deck box is wide enough to provide seats for 3 adults.

The deck box is also sturdy enough to be able to handle all the weight of the three adults while holding the weight of its inside contents. The deck box is strong enough to do this due to its double-walled construction that adds to the overall strength of the box.

In storage capacity, this deck box can also hold its own—both literally and figuratively speaking. The deck box has a 16 cu. ft. storage space. Your stored items can be safely kept inside the deck box until their next use.

And with the deck box’s easy-access lid, your stored item can be easily retrieved when needed. This deck box makes storing your items convenient and easy. Straight out of the box, the deck box can be easily assembled using common household tools.

Also, note that the deck box is made of plastic; therefore, there is no problem with the box rotting away or becoming termite-infested like any wood deck boxes, or rusting like the metal deck boxes. The deck box is not just made of plastic, it is made of weather-resistant plastic.

The weather-resistant feature means that the deck box can protect your stored items from the harmful effects of the sun and the damage that could be caused by moisture and inclement weather. This deck box not only works to store your items, but it also works to keep them safe, secured, and damage-free. The dent-resistant feature also helps in making this possible.


The Rubbermaid Deck Box also has some known negatives, one of which is the deck box’s inability to close tightly even with the use of a lock. The assembly instructions that come with the deck box are hard to follow, so the mechanically challenged might find the assembling experience complicated and stressful. Also, the deck box does not come with handles that would make moving the box around, even without contents, easy.

It is helpful to note that before the deck box is filled, you should make sure that it is where you want it. to avoid having to drag the box or to empty its contents again. It would have been better also if the deck box were bug proof to keep the stored items free from items critters.

In addition, in order to open the lid, you have to pry it off because there is no hand-hold provided to make lifting the lid easy. Also, the deck box should be placed a few inches from the wall to make prying off of the lid easy.


The Rubbermaid Deck Box is a great addition to your deck or patio, with all its advantages and multiple functions. And although the deck box has some areas that need to be checked out and weighed in before you decide to buy, it cannot be denied that the product does function, and does it very well. A Rubbermaid Deck Box is a recommendable brand for those who are planning to get a deck box for their patio or deck.

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