Suncast DB8000B Deck Box Review

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Tired of seeing your deck or the patio cluttered? Need to have an additional storage area to keep spare items like cushions and accessories clean and secure? Do you want to organize your outdoor areas a bit? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then a deck box will certainly address the problem. When it comes to deck boxes, the Suncast DB8000B Deck Box leads the pack.

Suncast 73-Gallon Medium Deck Box - Lightweight Resin Indoor/Outdoor Storage Container and Seat for Patio Cushions and Gardening Tools - Store Items on Patio, Garage, Yard - Taupe Check Price on Amazon


  • 73-gallon capacity
  • Portable
  • With wheels and handles
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Can be assembled in 5 minutes
  • Resin material
  • Sturdy
  • Weatherproof
  • Color: taupe green
  • Item weight: 31 lbs.
  • Interior dimensions: 42.5” x 19.5” x 21”
  • Exterior dimensions: 46” x 22” x 23”



The Suncast DB8000B Deck Box is known for its large storage capacity. This is certainly a nice feature for it can accommodate a great number of items for storage or safekeeping. The deck box’s 73-gallon storage capacity addresses this particular aspect.

Also, this deck box is a perfect addition to every outdoor area since it was designed to be weatherproof. This means that the deck box is capable of keeping its stored items safe from the negative or harmful effects of different weather elements such as the heat of the sun, or rain.

In particular, the items inside remain dry because the deck box has a lid that was designed to funnel off rain or water. The deck box itself will not be easily damaged when exposed to the same weather elements. This means that the deck box will have a long service life that will save you money in buying replacements.

Another feature of the deck box is that it is mobile. The Suncast DB8000B Deck Box may have some weight to it, but it cannot be said that it is not portable. Moving the deck box around, when full of heavy items or otherwise, is easy to do with its built-in wheels. You do not need to settle the deck box is its allocated location first before filling it as it can be conveniently done later on, even when it is full of things.

On top of those mentioned benefits is an easy assembly that is hassle-free. Right out of the box, the deck box can be quickly assembled because of its simple parts. Assembly will only take 5 minutes for an average assembler. Also, it helps that you will not need to use any tools during the assembly process because every part conveniently snaps together.


Using the Suncast DB8000B Deck Box has many positive features, but there are also a few negatives. The lid of the deck box is difficult to put on and, contrary to advertised, will need some tools to make it possible, especially in areas that entail a considerable amount of pressure or force to join together. It is true that most of the parts are easy to snap together, but the same does not hold true for the lid or the cover.

The lid of the deck box does not completely snap with the base. Also, once assembled, there will be a struggle in taking the deck box apart, and it takes effort, time, and patience to disassemble each part.

Furthermore, it would have been better if the instructions that come with the deck box were more on point and not dependent on illustrations that require some time to understand. There are some reports that the parts of the deck box do not snap together very well, so first-timers or the mechanically challenged might need help from somebody who has some experience to address the assembly.



The Suncast DB8000B Deck Box has both negative and positive feedback but the scale is tipped more on the side of advantages or benefits. You may encounter some difficulties in assembling the deck box, especially first timers, but once done with it, the unit becomes a great and useful addition to any outdoor space.

Store your outdoor items securely in a weather resistant deck box and organize your patio, deck, lanai or back yard. More importantly, this Suncast DB8000B Deck Box gets the job done.

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