Suncast Elements Outdoor Wide Cabinet Review

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Suncast makes this durable and dependable outdoor cabinet that can be put on the patio or in the garage. The cabinet is made of resin and is able to hold 97 gallons worth of items. This cabinet is about 35” tall and 40” wide. It has dual lined walls and has a wicker pattern on the outside. The look is modern and will compliment any patio furnishings.

The product has an adjustable shelf that can be detached if tall products need to be stored. The material of the resin structure is rust and corrosion-free. The items inside will be protected from light rain and heat. The cabinet of Suncast Elements Outdoor Wide is also resistant to dents, bumps, and scratches. The cabinet itself weighs 50 pounds when fully installed.

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  • Intended for outdoor use
  • Has a width of 40”
  • Has modern wicker look that compliments patio furniture
  • Good for patio, balcony or decks
  • Made of quality resin
  • Has double-walled interior
  • Capacity is 97 gallons
  • Weight is 50 pounds


This is a versatile cabinet that offers a lot of storage space and can be put outdoors as well as used indoors. The cabinet is made of high-quality resin that makes it resistant to termites and rust. Light rain and heat will not affect the quality of the product. The cabinet has a capacity of 97 gallons and can carry the weight of gardening and mechanical tools. The cabinet is also good to store toys and cleaning supplies.

The product is double-walled. On the outside, the wicker pattern is dark brown which compliments patio furniture. The cabinet can be a good accessory on a deck and efficient storage space without drilling holes in the wall.

The doors securely lock when closed, and the shelf remains in place. The doors can be padlocked to secure the contents inside. Young children or animals will not be able to open the cabinet doors.

The installation of the product is easy and does not need refitting and added accessories. The doors of the cabinet lock well and will keep tiny insects from destroying stored items. It comes with a shelf that will create two layers to maximize storage space.

Even without the shelf, the cabinet will hold well and will not collapse. The tubes and screws come complete with the package.

The steady structure of the cabinet makes the top a good buffet table when serving guests outdoors and indoors. The plastic coating is smooth and is easy to clean. Food and beverages will remain stable in the cabinet.

The product comes with metal rails that can secure items placed on the stop and prevent them from slipping. The cabinet can serve as a storage space for liquor in the summer and will not overheat. Throw pillows and cushions are also secure inside when the cabinet is securely closed.

The cabinet is also durable in the winter and there is no need to move the product inside the house. If used indoors, it can be used in the laundry room, or as a storage space for toys and shoes.

Cleaning the cabinet’s surfaces is not a problem because the surface is not rough. Dust particles that cling on the rough wicker pattern can be easily dusted off with a cloth. The product can also be washed with water and the plastic will not crack or chip away.


The product is not good for direct sun or heat contact. The top of the cabinet will deform and will not be able to tolerate extreme heat. The top has a tendency to lose form after a couple of months of extreme heat.

The cabinet doors do not have metal latches to prevent the doors from swinging open. The product can tolerate rain and heat, but only in moderate amounts. When put outside, the structure of the product will hold better if in a shaded area.


The Suncast Elements Outdoor Wide Cabinet is durable and will not fall apart when fully loaded. The product is designed for outdoor use but can also be used inside.


The Suncast Elements Outdoor Wide Cabinet is a good product that can be used both inside and out. The storage capacity is large and can fit tall to short items such as gardening tools and pool towels.

The product looks modern with a wicker pattern and will complement other furnishings on the patio. The doors of the cabinet seal shut and can be secured with a padlock. The Suncast Elements Outdoor Wide Cabinet can also resist rain and small insects because it is double-walled.

The product will work best if placed on a shaded patio or in a garage; the top will melt and become distorted if it is exposed to direct sun or heat.

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