Suncast WRDB12000 Deck Box Review

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Whether storing gardening tools, house maintenance material, patio cushions and accessories, toys, firewood, or books, having a deck box is a convenient and great addition to any household. De-cluttering and organizing your outdoor space has never been easier with the help of a good and dependable deck box. Store all your excess and unused items inside the Suncast WRDB12000 Deck Box.

Suncast WRDB12000 120 Gallon Extra Large Hybrid Deck Box w/ Resin Floor and Lid Check Price on Amazon


  • All pre-cut and pre-drilled pieces
  • No need for cutting
  • Handles are molded
  • No need for a foundation
  • With gas shocks
  • Cedarwood and resin material
  • Multi-wall base & lid
  • Color: brown
  • Item weight: 60 lbs.
  • Product dimensions: 24.25” x 54.5” x 27.5”
  • 5-year limited warranty


One of the perks of having a Suncast WRDB12000 Deck Box is the additional space to store things. Items do not need to clutter the patio, deck, or lanai anymore when it can be conveniently stored inside a deck box. This deck box is not just for organizing or storage alone because it helps in protecting and keeping the stored items in good condition while inside the box.

Also, in addition to being a storage unit, the deck box is also a nice looking piece of furniture that adds to every household’s outdoor space. The woodsy look of the deck box allows it to blend in with almost all outdoor settings yet, at the same time, stand out in a positive way.

Aside from the overall appearance of the deck box, the product is made of cedar wood which is known for its strong resistance to decay. With such an ability to withstand decay, you are assured of durable and long-lasting storage space and, as a consequence, more savings from not having to spend for replacements for years.

It is also nice to note that in assembling the deck box there won’t be any need for cutting parts and pieces to fit things together. The parts of the deck box are pre-cut and pre-drilled to make the assembly simple and easy.

Since all the pieces are already pre-cut and pre-drilled, there is not much need for tools in the assembling process. This is beneficial for it makes the task not only easier but also faster—aside from the fact that you are spared from making permanent mistakes of cutting holes that need not be cut at all.

Also, moving the deck box will not be a problem because it has molded handles for proper gripping to facilitate movement. Another advantage of this particular deck box over others is its built-in gas shocks.

Unlike the other deck boxes that need to be held open manually while rummaging inside, or requires to be opened all the way to retrieve the stored items, this is not necessary with the Suncast deck box. Such a feature makes it more convenient and less of an effort to use the deck box.

Finally, when it comes to quality and full customer satisfaction, this deck box is not lacking for it offers a 5-year limited warranty that will cover you for any manufacturing defects or other problems with the deck box.


The Suncast WRDB12000 Deck Box also poses a few negatives. There are some questions as to the quality of the deck box,  particularly on parts that do not exactly fit and which may crack or split when too much pressure is applied.

Also, there has been feedback that some of the parts that were supposed to be drilled not pre-drilled after all; there were no pilot holes so there is still a need to drill it.  Assembling the deck box needs time and at least two sets of hands to finish the process; it is not a one-man.

The exterior wood of the deck box has been pretreated with a sealer. It should be noted that the deck box is not waterproof so it is important to keep the furniture in a place that will keep it away from rain and water.


There are several downsides to the Suncast WRDB12000 Deck Box but it cannot be denied that the deck box is a decent product for storage. Although special attention is needed in the assembly process, and the fact that the deck box is not waterproof and needs protection from the elements, the furniture does its job of storing items and looking good while doing it.

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