Types of Deck Boxes and Their Uses

Deck boxes are important storage containers these days for a patio, lanai, or deck. They are good storage fixtures to make de-cluttering and organizing in outdoor areas easy and stress-free. With the current increase in the need for deck boxes, a lot of storage deck boxes have been created in different shapes, styles and types—like wooden cabinets, magic deck boxes, patio storage ottomans, among others.

Moreover, storage deck boxes are also known for their versatility. There are types that can function as a bench or a serving table aside from just being deck boxes alone.

One can also store a lot of things in it—there is no limit to its storage ability for it can store patio cushions, deck pillows, gardening tools, gears, children’s toys, maintenance or repair tools, and supplies, sporting equipment, and even firewood. Such capacity to store almost everything makes using the storage deck boxes greatly appreciated.

Types of deck boxes

There are several types of deck boxes available on the market right now that would complement almost all background or outdoor setting. There are those that have multiple functions such as the regular patio storage bench. There are others which offer unique purpose like the magic deck box.

There are those which are made of wood, more made of resin, and most are made of plastic materials. There are boxes of different shapes—round, rectangular, squared, and even cube-like. The possibilities are endless and you just need to find the right deck box to fit and blend in with your outdoor area.

Although there are several types of deck boxes, there are 6 that are the most common and preferred on the market these days. Aside from the uncommon ones, such as the magic deck box, these are the 6 you will most likely see when shopping.

Vertical deck box

When compared to the traditional rectangular deck boxes, this one has more in terms of height. There are some that have lids, while most have two front doors which can be easily opened to expose a lot of storage space. With this type, it is easy to retrieve stored items from the deck box.

Wooden cabinet

This type makes for an elegant outdoor fixture for the patio or deck setting. If this type of deck box is placed outdoors to fend off the battering effects of weather elements, it needs to be coated with weather-protecting materials. A wooden cabinet usually has several compartments or dividers for storage which makes organizing much easier.

Deck storage bench

This is a deck box that offers multiple functions because it can be used as a bench for seating or as a serving table, aside from functioning as a storage container underneath. It is beneficial to have a deck box of this type because it saves floor space—an advantage for areas with limited space. It also spares you from having to spend more on buying other outdoor furniture due to the deck box’s versatile and interchangeable features.

Heavy-duty plastic storage box

This is the type which best fits a poolside or lakeside setting. It is also the preferred choice for heavy-duty gardening tools with its usual hinged lid, padlock space, and comfortable handles. This type of deck box is usually equipped with weatherproof features that allow the box to withstand the effects of the direct heat of the sun or rainfall and other elements.

Patio storage ottoman

It is not only unique but also nice to look at. This type of deck box blends well with the other decors and can usually provide seating for 2 adults while providing storage space underneath the seat. When it comes to appearance and design, this one bags the prize.

Cube-shaped storage box

This type is usually more compact and is a nice addition to a small deck or patio. It can likewise function as a side or a coffee table if not used as extra outdoor seating space. A square-type deck box usually comes in small sizes and is perfect for storing kids’ toys, among other small-sized outdoor items or accessories.